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Facial Skin

The Hydrofacial is said to help improve overall skin texture, tone, and appearance. This is due to the deep exfoliation that cleans your pores, removing debris and allowing for better penetration of face serums tailored to your skin type.

- acne

- blackheads

- rosacea

- anti-aging concerns


Sensitive Hydrating Rose Treatment combines the essential cleansing, hydra dermabrasion, steam, deep-pore cleansing, and moisturizing mask. Designed to thoroughly cleanse the skin and flush out embedded debris and impurities. It is designed friendly to sensitive skins which deliver powerful comfort and moisture while gently brightening the appearance of dull or dry skin.


Chemical peel can promote the fiber proliferation and rearrangement of dermal collagen, increasing the matrix in the dermis, making the skin smoother and elastic, and improving scars. It is generally used to remove keratin accumulated in pores, eliminate inflammation, remove blackheads, whiteheads, acne, etc.

With all peels, the new skin is temporarily more sensitive to the sun. Talk with your doctor about how long to protect your skin from the sun.


Photodynamic therapy is approved by the FDA of treating precancerous skin growths caused by sun-damaged cells in the epidermis (the skin’s outermost layer). 

“We think of these as precursors to skin cancer,” says Dr. Christensen. “The risk of any one of them going on to become cancer is very low, but people usually have multiple actinic keratoses on places like the forehead, cheeks or bare scalp. If they have a dozen growths in a given area, then there is a significant risk of skin cancer in that area.” 


Realr Acne Treatment level I is our exclusive therapy including steaming, Realr's exclusive herbal formula with only natural anti-acne ingredients such as tea tree oil and aloe vera., extraction and hydrating mask. With booking Realr Acne Treatment level II, you will get extra photodynamic therapy.

After the treatment, we will adjust a personal skin care plan based on the personal skin texture and needs.

Acne Treatment
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