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Aging starts with the eyes, so how can you tell when you need anti-aging around the eye area?

  • Causes of skin aging around eyes

When you notice aging around the eyes, do you start with the first fine lines under your eyes?

Aging around the eyes manifests itself in the form of upper lid laxity, lower canthus recession, crow's feet, infraorbital lines, eye bags, tear troughs, zygomatic grooves, and dark circles under the eyes.

Skin organization, anatomical structure, bone morphology, etc., are all closely related to aging around the eyes.

Eyelid skin is the thinnest in the body, usually less than 1 millimeter thick, and has no subcutaneous fat. When young, the eyelid fissure is 10-11 millimeters and slowly shrinks to 8-10 millimeters with age.

As the skin in the eyelid area ages, it gradually shrinks, loosens and thins, and wrinkles form.

The eye is the most active structural unit of the face, with the eyelid blinking up to tens of thousands of times a day.

The orbicularis oculi muscle (OOM) drives movement around the eye and is the muscle that produces dynamic wrinkles in the eye. Over time, the OOM relaxes and sags.

After the posture was changed from supine (A) to sitting (B), sagging of the lateral corners of the eyes (circles), the lateral portion of the OOM (light blue arrows), and sagging deformity of the zygomaticus major muscle (yellow arrowheads) were clearly seen.

The orbital bone determines the size of the eyes and the shape around the eyes.

Affected by aging changes, orbital bone absorption, medial upper and lateral lower direction is more obvious.

According to an eye survey from Japan, the orbital changes of East Asians are more obvious after the age of 60.

A: 30 years old B: 80 years old

Image quoted from: Reference 2

In addition, nowadays, people often stay up late to play cell phones, irregular lifestyle, excessive use of eyes, poor blood circulation leads to eye darkness, fatigue, dark circles, bags under the eyes, so that the eyes are more prone to show their age.

With the increase of sun exposure and age, in addition to the skin around the eyes, the white of the eyes become yellow and cloudy, will also make the eyes look less bright.

  • The performance and rating of aging around the eyes

There are 2 commonly used criteria:

The 3 -grade 9-point scale proposed by Fitzpatrick in 1996

The 6-grade 5-point scale proposed by Lemperle in 2001

You can also use this as a reference to observe the state of your eye area.

0: No wrinkles 1: Just visible wrinkles

2: Shallow wrinkles 3: Moderately deep wrinkles

4: Deep wrinkles with visible borders

5: Very deep wrinkles, extra folds

Image quoted from: Reference 4

Based on the literature research, clinically, we usually use the three-level classification method of mild, moderate and severe.

Different levels of periocular aging adopt different combined treatment schemes, and the overall treatment principle is: optoelectronic tightening first, then deep injection and filling.

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