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Cleans and hydrates the skin: this is the portable face steamer

This facial humidifier, with nano ion technology, purifies your pores, removes debris and helps increase blood flow to your face and neck.

Doing a deep facial cleansing is essential, because throughout the day and night we accumulate dead cells and impurities caused by pollution, traces of makeup, dirt and oil. Having clean skin is the first step in an efficient beauty routine to have healthy skin, with an even tone and so that the skin care treatments that we apply absorb correctly and we enjoy their benefits.


This deep cleansing facial sauna is ideal for a safe, simple and effective beauty routine because, in addition to spraying a warm nano ionic mist on your face and neck , it balances the pH of your skin to give you a clean and radiant complexion. It incorporates nano ion technology, Nano Ionic Steaming , to cleanse and hydrate you in a matter of minutes. If you have dry, tired skin, the steam will help increase blood flow to your face and neck to open up your pores and allow for maximum absorption of your favorite products like serums and creams .

“I love this vaporizer! It is ideal to hydrate and enjoy a spa experience at home. It can be used for any disease you have in your lungs. There is a part where the steam comes out, with a sponge around it, in which you can put any essential oil to give an extra boost to your routine. I use it four times a week and this last month I have used it more”, confirms user Chrissy .


Now you can enjoy the benefits of spa-grade facial steam treatments from the comfort of your own home. Steaming your face once a week is a healthy option for your skin, as it will not only soften and hydrate it, but also purify your pores by removing debris and oil buildup . It is recommended by dermatologists.

“I bought this facial steamer for my birthday. I am 56 years old and I like to take care of my skin. I love this product; I use it before microdermabrasion abrasion, which I also do at home, and before facials. It's as good as professional vaporizers, fairly easy to use, and small to store. I use distilled water as instructed and it seems like it will last a lifetime. Great value for your money,” says Brenda Zinzer.


Using the facial steamer is very easy: wash your face with your favorite cleansing gel and dry it well. Then turn on the steam and stay there for about 10-12 minutes . Next, wash your face with cold water. Finally, apply a facial serum . After using the steam, you can incorporate a microdermabrasion treatment into your routine to remove blackheads and diminish expression marks.

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