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How to avoid hair loss? Wash it with this strengthening and repairing shampoo

Knowing why hair falls out is the first step in finding the best solution for this common problem. It may be linked to hereditary and hormonal causes —androgenic alopecia— or to factors such as stress, poor diet, lack of certain vitamins , or even specific periods of time such as postpartum, taking certain medications or surgery.

The latter can be the cause of reactional hair loss, when the hair begins to fall out in abundance, more than usual, and suddenly. To remedy it, anti- loss treatments , vitamin supplements or specific medications may be useful; yes, all of them controlled by a professional.

Now, knowing how to prevent hair loss is not as complicated as it seems. In many people it may be enough to improve certain habits, eat better or reduce stress, for example; as well as combing the hair before sleeping or washing it when it is dirty. The latter because the excess of sebum at the beginning of the hair makes the anchoring of the hair to the scalp weaker, facilitating its fall.

Using a specific shampoo that, in addition to helping to strengthen, nourish and seal the ends, contains specific natural ingredients such as castor and mint oil, biotin or shea butter, is a good way to prevent hair loss.


This is a shampoo that naturally cleanses hair and removes daily dirt without stripping essential oils and moisture; likewise, its formula revitalizes and nourishes the weakened scalp , while promoting the growth of your hair.

The latter thanks to the fact that it contains Jamaican black castor oil and organic shea butter, both known for their nourishing and moisturizing power; two necessary conditions for hair to grow strong and healthy.

John , an Amazon customer claims that he saved his fine hair with this SheaMositure shampoo. “I have very fine hair without body; plus it's super greasy on top and dry and frizzy at the ends. I decided to ditch the sulfate shampoos and buy this one; Wow, my hair got softer after a few days, and then it started to grow.”


The Strengthen & Restore Shampoo is made from natural ingredients such as rice proteins, organic shea butter, peppermint, coconut and Jamaican black castor oil or apple cider vinegar. A formulation that helps clean hair without damaging it, seal split ends or prevent breakage.

Likewise, it promotes the growth of stronger, softer and healthier strands to give your hair shine and vitality, while helping to keep hair follicles strong, reducing hair loss.

“This is by far my favorite shampoo. It leaves my hair soft and super shiny, it smells great and I love the fact that it doesn't have any nasty chemicals. Also, castor oil promotes hair growth ,” Agnes highlights .

It is a product that does not have sulfates, parabens or mineral oils, it is free of animal cruelty and its ingredients are organic and sustainably produced.

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