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If you want to try Thermage in Boston but are afraid of pain, here comes the welfare—American new

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

Current non-invasive anti-aging focuses on tightening and lifting by heating the tissues to shrink them, with the dermis being the main area of combat regardless of the technique used.

To say that the most popular anti-aging medical beauty program, that has to be mentioned is the Thermage. Thermage uses radiofrequency energy, that is, through radiofrequency to achieve tissue heating. The smaller the resistance, the easier the current passes, according to this principle, in the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous fat in the three levels, with the highest water content of the dermis as the main target of energy, in the process of electric current conduction to the deeper part of the process, so that the fibrous septum inside the fat layer is more susceptible to energy heating and contraction of adipose tissue, resulting in the effect of the deep tissue pulling Thermage although it can play a significant effect of the face lift, but the heat is not as strong as in the other medical aesthetic projects. However, compared with other medical beauty projects, many women who love beauty are discouraged because of their certain pain.

So the emergence of the hottest item of the moment, Cenolon 5G Max, can be said to be the gospel of the ladies who are afraid of pain. Then let me bring you a comprehensive science of Senoron 5G Max.

Senoron 5G Max R & D company CANDELA believe that we are no strangers to the market popular picoway picoseconds and Co2 and so on the first line of medical equipment are CANDELA company R & D, in the medical community is also a lot of praise.

The first generation of Cenolon 5GMax was launched in 1998, and it took more than 20 years of updating and iteration to come up with the current 5G Cenolon 5G Max uses long pulse 755+1064nm lasers to achieve the effect of improving multiple imperfections in a single treatment by five steps: rapid lifting, fine lines repelling, localized tightening, whitening of the whole face, and lipolysis of the face by any lipolysis and slimming, which makes full use of the diversified characteristics of lasers. Facial fine lines fading and whole face whitening and spot reduction are realized by long pulse 755nm laser, which is based on the higher absorption peak of melanin at 755nm and the expanded selective photothermal effect, while the remaining several functions are realized by long pulse 1064nm laser.

5G Max divides the anti-aging process into 5 steps from epidermis, dermis to subcutaneous tissue:

Step1: lifting mode

Step2: smoothing mode

Step3: tightening mode

Step4: brightening mode

Step5: slimming mode

To summarize, 5G Max is a very efficient facial lipolysis and lifting device, and at the same time, it has whitening and skin rejuvenation facial hair removal and redness effect. It is an all-round device that can improve the three main skin problems: skin texture, skin color and skin age.

The most important thing is with Candela's patented DCD cooling technology, the whole process is senseless and comfortable, suitable for ladies who are afraid of pain to try!

So 5G Max does not need to apply anesthesia! At the same time to ensure the comfort of the treatment process, no epidermal damage, there is almost no need to treat recovery period.

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