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The tiredness of the year in the skin: five treatments to return the luminosity to the face

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

All in all, it is expected that the end of this 2021 will find more than one with the most exhausted look, the most marked dark circles, the most opaque skin, and -of course- the most marked expression lines.

In a context in which, in addition, many people did not resume their beauty routines, either at home or with a specialist, aesthetic medicine is presented as the great ally to provide the luminosity that the face needs to start the new year renewed. .

In this sense, he highlighted one of the most innovative, which is “the combination of a laser that allows the skin to be worked on as if it were a deep peeling it has a plus that is the administration of a cosmeceutical such as vitamin C that is absorbed directly through the open channels left by the laser”. Result: luminosity and improvement in skin texture. This treatment is completed with the indication of vitamin C to continue applying at night and continue nourishing the skin in depth.

Hyaluronic acid fillers: one of the most demanded treatments

Leading the ranking of the most demanded treatments are hyaluronic acid fillers, better known as "fillers", which have established themselves as allies when it comes to erasing the negative signs of the face such as fatigue, anger, sadness and sagging. They lead the procedures for accentuating naturalness and defending diversity, and specialists agree that “today there is no longer a canon of beauty; it is about underlining the differences and those traits that make each person unique, discovering and enhancing individual beauty”, as highlighted by the plastic surgeon specializing in aesthetics Raúl Banegas.

"Men and women feel that they have lost their skin's freshness and youth and demand fast, outpatient and effective treatments and, without a doubt, fillers are great allies and provide excellent results", said Banegas, while emphasizing that "hyaluronic acid retains water, generates new hyaluronic acid formation, complements the bone structure, the contour of the face, wrinkles and furrows of the face."

One of the great myths about fillers is that they are only used by celebrities, and in light of this, dermatologist Lilian Demarchi stressed that “models and actresses seek to look good just like everyone else”. "We all like to see our skin luminous, with fewer wrinkles, fewer shadows, less flaccidity -said the doctor-. And to achieve this there is no magic treatment: there is science, there is technique and there is a very important ally, which is acid hyaluronic”.

Regarding the same substance, the plastic surgeon and aesthetic specialist Griselda Seleme stressed that "at this time of year and after a long time of isolation, people returned to show themselves again in society, they want to see themselves and to be seen well." “Hyaluronic acid is one of the options to soften the look of tiredness on the face and also improves the quality of the skin,” said the specialist, who stressed that “each person has a weak point; some the dark circles, others the furrows, others the loss of the contour of the jaw or the angle of the neck. There is a hyaluronic acid designed for each area of ​​the face, which will bring light and tension to the treated area”.

December, the month of botulinum toxin

“Year after year December is the month of botox. The application of botulinum toxin is another of the most chosen since in this month of so many meetings and events it is a treatment that in just one session and without complications provides an illuminated result and a clear look”, highlighted Banegas, who added: “Furthermore, we should know that this treatment is ideal for combating the formation of expression wrinkles, especially those produced by the sun when frowning, which results in that characteristic white 'eleven'. That is why every December is one of the star treatments in the office”.

Seleme pointed out that "the application of botulinum toxin, which relaxes the muscles that produce tension and softens expression lines, is ideal for treating areas that are the protagonists of the face and the usual reason for consultation is the look and the lips."

Profhilo: ultrapure hyaluronic acid

"Recently, a new biostimulator based on ultrapure hyaluronic acid landed in Argentina, which is a treatment that is here to stay and is one of the chosen ones all year round, but even more so today because it is a novelty," Banegas said about Profhilo, an alternative that " improves the quality of the skin in depth, and came to occupy a new concept in the treatment of skin quality to tighten, hydrate and nourish with the advantage of being very easy to apply since with a few points the product diffuses giving an effect of tension and deep hydration”.

Its action is to counteract the physiological loss of hyaluronic acid in the skin, in order to restore hydration, elasticity and tone. "It exerts a lifting action on the skin, ideal for the face, neck and décolleté, prevents and combats aging processes," he specified.

“It is a hydration shock, which in a few sessions makes the skin more turgid”, described the new alternative for her part, the medical specialist in aesthetics Sofía Bobillo. "It is the great protagonist of the summer, since it is strategically placed in suitable places such as the neck, which at this time is usually more exposed to the sun," she added.

It is carried out in two sessions, with an interval of one month. Its application is with microneedles in a superficial subcutaneous form.

Specialists agree that it is a treatment to be carried out at any age since it not only improves skin laxity in adults but also prevents and stops aging in young people subjected to stress due to unhealthy diets, environmental pollution or photodamage. . It is an ideal product to improve skin quality through biostimulation.

Hollywood Peel, a laser suitable for summer that all ages choose

Bobillo presented another alternative that can be done all year round, but especially at the end of the year it is one of those chosen by people of all ages and genders.

"It is a thermo-acoustic peeling, but without leaving the skin sensitive, ideal for before a party or simply to look good," said the specialist. Carbon and an ND Yag laser are used, which will make the skin smoother and brighter, with less visible pores.”

Finally, the dermatologist Lucas Ponti stressed that"At this time of year there is something that characterizes and all people have in common, which is fatigue, the feeling of tiredness, feeling overwhelmed and this is not alien to the skin". Coincidentally, in the consultation, the specialist usually sees “tired, fatigued skin, which translates into dull skin, with a tendency to dehydration, with redness and for that, oxygenating treatments will be great allies to eliminate impurities, which helps improve luminosity. , return the shine and freshness”.

"My advice,Beyond the treatments that can be done to improve the quality of the skin, it is to always have a good diet, rest, hydrate well by drinking plenty of water and increase the consumption of foods rich in antioxidants such as blueberries, fruits, raw vegetables”, pointed out Ponti, who, to conclude, recommended: “Make a consultation with the dermatologist to renew the routine that was being done in winter and adjust it to this time of year, when it is advisable to incorporate antioxidants in the morning and repairing peptides in the evening. night, in addition to sunscreen for the day, which is always the best anti-aging ally”.

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