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Vitamin A, what it is for and why you need it in your facial routine

Fight aging, fill in expression lines, prevent the appearance of wrinkles, prevent blemishes and acne... Who hasn't dreamed of a radiant, healthy face free of 'imperfections'? For years, cosmetics has developed products of all kinds for moisturizing , regenerating or anti-aging purposes, and many experts agree that vitamin A is one of the essential ingredients for optimal skin care. But what is it really, what is it for and how is it used?

Vitamin A is an essential fat-soluble molecule for the body that encompasses a family of ingredients known as retinoids. In the human body it will be in the form of one of its three vitamers: retinol, retinal or retinoic acid. When it comes to skin care, especially the face, the most popular version is topical and usually uses retinol in its formulation.


Its function in the body is framed in multiple and different processes, ranging from vision to the immune system, through the maintenance and care of skin cells. In addition, it helps maintain hydration, plays an important role in collagen synthesis and helps preserve skin elasticity.

At the topical level, infused with a moisturizing cream or facial serum , retinol or vitamin A is a powerful active ingredient against wrinkles, because it thickens the epidermis; In addition, it improves tone and texture, reduces blemishes, helps improve acne and dark spots.

Vitamin A is suitable for all skin types; however, it takes time to adjust, especially if you have sensitive skin. That is why it is recommended to start using it gradually, to see how it reacts to exposure. On the other hand, its use is recommended at night, on clean skin, because retinol is photosensitive and loses its effectiveness in sunlight.


Clinically proven to help regenerate the appearance of skin, this moisturizer is enriched with accelerated retinol-SA to achieve a smoother complexion in a day and a more youthful look in a week, as well as blur the deepest wrinkles, including wrinkles. crow's feet, forehead and cheek wrinkles. Its formula also incorporates hyaluronic acid to enhance moisture and a glucose complex that strengthens the skin's natural barrier.

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