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What Is Lymphatic Therapy And Why You Need To Try It | Boston, MA

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

LYMPHATIC THERAPY is a specially developed tightening mask intended to work with the circulatory system to create reverse osmosis, a critical component of optimum skin wellbeing responsible for lymphatic waste elimination and blood flow for nourishing our cells and tissues. These processes, taking and giving, preserving homeostasis, often function together.

As our blood circulates throughout our body, it supplies our cells and tissues with foods (such as amino acids), water and oxygen. However, fluids cannot migrate very deep through the surrounding tissue during capillary fluid exchange (where water, amino acids, and oxygen cross the capillary wall into the extracellular fluid), and much fewer where there are roadblocks. This is why a 'clear path' has to be free of debris, so that these nutrients can meet their target.

Lymphatic Therapy

Realr Skincare lymphatic Therapy works by adding temporary pressure to the skin to help activate these mechanisms, improving circulation and creating a plasmatic effect, lymphatic drainage and oxygenation create a healthy atmosphere for thriving skin cells!

REALR combines the power of advanced science with the soothing properties of pure natural extracts, to bring you skin that is not only clear, but also healthy and balanced.

At REALR® Professional Skin Care in Boston, MA, we specialize in luxury paramedical health and beauty services, offering a full array of advanced skincare and therapeutic body treatments. When disrupted by internal or external factors, the skin’s natural balance is replaced with a new order that, if not treated, can have negative long-term consequences.

Great for all skin types to achieve optimum skin quality, or as advanced skin rejuvenation pre and post support - creating a healthy receptive skin and helping to heal and recover. We help clients restore and preserve their skin’s natural balance with our customized skincare management plans designed to address individual body chemistries.

Where only the surface of the skin may be affected by such cosmetic facial procedures, enzyme treatments operate for the skin. To establish a stable environment for cells to survive and grow in, the enzymes aim to reinforce the structural integrity of the skin.

Enzyme treatment works to keep the skin feeling strong and exercises facial muscles. Lymphatic drainage is improved by enzyme treatment, thus removing toxins and impurities from the skin. This is accomplished by facilitating circulation and oxygenation to replenish the skin by transfering messenger enzymes and is known to result in a "Plasmatic Effect" short-term phenomenon.


1. Acne and Congestion

2. Pigmentation and Uneven Skin Tone

3. Wrinkles and Fine Lines

4. Premature Ageing and Sun Damage

5. Scarring, Stretchmarks and Cellulite


1. Hydrolyse dead skin cells

2. Increase oxygenation and cellular activity

3. Encourage new collagen and Elastin formation

4. Detoxify the skin


1. Glowing skin

2. Even Skin Tone (Smoother)

3. Firmer & Tighter

4. More Hydrated (Plump)

5. Reduced Fine Lines


It is designed to be used with your circulatory framework-ideal skin health is often overlooked but a basic breakdown. This ORGAN framework is responsible for eliminating waste through our lymph and supporting our cells and tissues through our blood supply. These frameworks can work consistently, take and give away, and are responsible for dynamic balance. It not only enters the body, but also enters the cells. Since you have oxygen, supplements and water in your body, this does not mean that they will reach the cells. You need to supply, and you need to waste before supplying. Lymphatic therapy works by applying transient strains to the skin to help achieve these cycles; establishing a spotless climate for cells to promote the growth of new oxygenation and blood-rich cells and receive care. It has been proven that lymphatic treatment can keep the skin healthy, as part of the skin health channel, or get help before and after promoting skin recovery-make the skin produce good reactive skin, and help restore and restore health.

Realr has a wide range of treatments available to us, with a range of products tailored to your dermatological needs, in order to achieve the above-mentioned goals together with you.

Contact one of our specialists today for a free skin consultation to find a skincare management plan that’s right for you.

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