REALR COVID-19 Reopening / Policy Update

Dear REALR Fam,

We are excited to announce that REALR Allston location is reopening on 08/08/2020!

We cannot wait to see you all back at REALR Skin Care, but first, we have a few things we must go over!

At REALR, our staff and our customer health and safety is our top priority so in order to open our doors we will be implementing some new COVID-19 safety measures.


​Reopening Policy Update(English& Mandarin)

REALR Skin Care Post COVID-19 Reopening Policy

How do I create my own referencing checks bespoke to our business?

Simply sign up to our Business subscription and you can select from our list of checks such as an Identity check, a Basic UK DBS, Directorship check etc, along with the number of years referencing you would like to obtain from your applicant. Once you create this group of reference checks you can invite your applicants against this bespoke standard

Why do I need a FCA check?

To employ an individual to conduct a specific role such as advising on investments or stakeholder pensions and share schemes, they must be approved prior to starting this role. A Financial Conduct Authority check will report back to you:

  • Controlled functions - current/previous
  • Appointed representative - Current/previous
  • Any disciplinary details.
Allowing you to make an informed decision regarding the individual before they start the new role

We remain vigilant and carefully keep monitoring the situation. The most important thing is to make sure we conduct business in a safe environment.

Thank you for your continued support and patience!

We look forward to seeing you,

REALR Skin Care Team