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Your Monthly Laser Plan

Skin Analysis



Stay consistent is the ultimate solution! 

Join REALR membership and save your money.

Our memberships are customized to match your needs and include a lot of advantages. Discover the plan that best fits you and make skincare a part of your monthly routine, turning it into a habit.

Skin Revive Laser Facial

Vivid $180/mo

Vital $280/mo

1 Super Revive Facial or

   2 Skin Revive Laser Facials or

  2 Clearwave Fractional facials

Vigorous $380/mo

1 Super Duet Facial or

  3 Skin Revive Laser Facials or

 3 Clearwave Fractional facials

Vibrant $580/mo

Professional Consultation With Us and Enjoy Multi-Customized Laser Facial Solutions For Different Skin Concerns

​We Offer Fotona, Vbeam, GentleMax Pro, Picoway...

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