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A comprehensive introduction to the latest 5G Max technology

Recently, non-invasive anti-aging treatments primarily rely on heating the tissues to achieve a tightening and lifting effect. Regardless of the specific technology used, the dermis layer is the main target area for these treatments.

Thermage is currently one of the most popular anti-aging medical beauty treatments. It uses radiofrequency energy to heat the tissue and achieve a tightening and lifting effect. Regardless of the specific technology used, the dermis layer is the primary area of focus for these treatments. However, due to the discomfort that some patients experience during the procedure, many individuals may avoid Thermage and other similar treatments.

Fortunately, the emergence of the 5G Max has provided a solution for those who are concerned about the pain associated with these treatments. Let me provide you with a comprehensive overview of the 5G Max.

The 5G Max was developed by CANDELA, a well-known company in the medical beauty industry. They have previously developed many popular devices, such as PicoWay and CO2, which have received high praise from medical professionals.

The first generation of the 5G Max was launched in 1998, and after more than 20 years of updates and iterations, we now have the5G Max. It uses long-pulsed 755+1064nm lasers to achieve a variety of effects in a single treatment, including fast lifting, wrinkle reduction, localized tightening, overall skin whitening, and fat dissolving for slimming the face. By utilizing the diverse properties of lasers, the treatment can address multiple skin imperfections.

The reduction of facial wrinkles and overall skin whitening are achieved through the long-pulsed 755nm laser, which has a high absorption peak for melanin at that wavelength and produces an expanded selective photothermal effect. The other functions are achieved using the long-pulsed 1064nm lase.

5G Max is a device that divides the anti-aging process into 5 steps, from the epidermis to the dermis and subcutaneous tissue:

Step 1: Lifting mode

Step 2: Smoothing mode

Step 3: Tightening mode

Step 4: Brightening mode

Step 5: Slimming mode

In summary, 5G Max is a highly effective facial fat melting and lifting device, which also has the effect of whitening, tendering the skin, and removing hair and redness. It is a versatile device that addresses the three main skin concerns of texture, complexion, and age.

One of the most important features of 5G Max is its patented DCD cooling technology from Candela, which ensures a comfortable and painless treatment. This is especially appealing for those who are afraid of pain.

Unlike other treatments, 5G Max doesn't require numbing cream, and guarantees a high level of comfort and safety during the entire treatment process. There is no damage to the epidermis, and the recovery period is virtually non-existent.

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