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CoolSculpting Boston | Fat Freezing Treatment | Realr Skin Clinic

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

In which Coolsculpting is treated with cold. How do cold injuries arise?

Cold can damage the body in two ways: On the one hand, it can lead to systemic hypothermia, with body temperature falling below 35 ° C. This requires intensive medical care. Local cold can cause damage to the skin. Even at plus degrees it can lead to a relatively harmless frostbite. It occurs when it is damp and cold due to a lack of blood circulation. More serious are frostbite that occurs at outside temperatures of –10 ° C or below. The skin falls below the freezing point. With prolonged exposure, ice crystals form in the tissue. The cells lose fluid and die.

Boston, Fat Freezing Treatment

There are different stages of frostbite and symptoms are similar to those of a heat burn. In stage 1 there is reddening of the skin and pain. Stage 2 also shows blistering. If there is 3rd degree frostbite, nerve fibers have already been destroyed. The skin is white and the frostbite is painless. In this case, part of the skin is irreversibly destroyed. Stage 4 affects not only the skin but also the underlying tissue. Surgical intervention may already be necessary in stage 2. In stage 3 and 4, a surgical procedure is actually always necessary.

At REALR® Professional Skin Care in Boston, MA, we specialize in luxury paramedical health and beauty services, offering a full array of advanced skincare and therapeutic body treatments.

When disrupted by internal or external factors, the skin’s natural balance is replaced with a new order that, if not treated, can have negative long-term consequences.

We help clients restore and preserve their skin’s natural balance with our customized skincare management plans designed to address individual body chemistries.

How can frostbite even occur during cold treatment?

Such an injury can have different causes. In the case shown, the Coolsculpting device was either defective / of poor quality or the application was unsatisfactory - possibly even both. Then two things can happen: The applicator either cools too much and the temperature is far below –10 ° C or there is a complete malfunction and the applicator overheats. In the first case it comes to a severe frostbite, in the second case to a burn.

What is cold burn?

Cold burn is a special case of frostbite. It occurs when the skin is briefly exposed to extreme cold. This can be imagined using the example of liquid nitrogen: If this comes into contact with the skin, the tissue is extremely quickly cooled and irreversibly damaged. In such a case, surgery is almost always necessary, in which the destroyed tissue has to be removed and replaced.

What can go wrong with Coolsculpting treatment?

To do this, one has to understand how Coolsculpting works: fat tissue is cooled to a low temperature of around 4 ° C over a longer period of time. The applicator lies on the skin, which is also exposed to these temperatures. When used properly, the skin is not damaged, as its freezing point is lower than that of the fatty tissue.

The method is very complex and is based on years of scientific research. Bad handling or inadequate technology can become a problem. Either the skin is not properly protected or the freezing point of the skin is reached and damage occurs.

How can you protect yourself as a patient?

Coolsculpting is an aesthetic procedure without medical necessity. In such treatments, patient safety should be the top priority. As a patient, you have to realize that it's about your own body, which you should handle with care.

For aesthetic treatments in particular, you need to be well informed in advance. There are two factors for safe treatment: a well-trained practitioner and high-quality technology. Who offers the treatment and which device is used? Is it a certified medical technology? Does the practitioner have knowledge of medical contexts? Only then, for example, can targeted intervention be ensured if the treatment is not optimal.

You should be prudent at the latest when the costs for the treatment are very low compared to competitors. Good technology costs money, as does well-trained specialists - and therefore safe treatment. Saving is not a bad thing in itself, but you should definitely not start with your own health.

Contact one of our specialists today for a free skin consultation to find a skincare management plan that’s right for you.

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