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Does Thermage make fat "disappear"? Boston Thermage

The clinic recently welcomed a special friend.

Most people feel sunken and flabby when they have a consultation. Instead, she felt "too full".

Seven or eight years ago, she had facial lipofilling done in Korea, filling in her forehead and temples. At the time, she was about 100 pounds. After becoming a mom, she gained more than 20 pounds. Not only is the waist and abdomen accumulated swimming circles, forehead when the fat filling also followed the "bang" out ......

The essence of gaining weight is actually a larger volume of fat and more fat cells.

Unlike injectable fillers, fat cells are alive. If you gain weight after having facial lipofillers, the volume of fat cells that survive in your face will follow.

This friend asked me what to do, in addition to trying to lose fat, I suggested using Thermage to "compact" the fat and repair the skin.

As we all know, the most fascinating effect of Thermage is "tightening", the beginning of RF cosmetic anti-aging.

Thermage is effective in fat tightening. When radiofrequency energy is applied to the skin tissue, the subcutaneous fat heats up, and the fat tissue absorbs the energy and shrinks, resulting in a compaction effect.

With the right amount of energy, combined with a customized procedure, bulging fat pads can be "ironed out".

Collagen denaturation and contraction creates an immediate tightening effect, which also tightens and lifts the "bulging" looking skin.

However, Thermage does not destroy fat, let alone "disappear" fat cells.

Therefore, if you have a thin face, you don't have to worry, Thermage will not make your face concave under standardized operation.

Facial fillers, Botox, etc. are combined with Thermage, following the principles of "top then bottom, outside then inside", "tightening and lifting first, then deep injections and fillers".

It really realizes the principle of "growing your own tissues", so as to achieve a more natural and long-lasting state, and to create a healthier and sustainable collagen regeneration power.

Finally, I've included aftercare advice from Thermage's standardized practice instructors:

①The local skin is slightly swollen and touched with some pain in one week after treatment, which is normal and will be gradually recovered in about 7 days;

② due to the accumulation of heat, the skin will feel dry, hot, need to strengthen the moisturizing;

③ Avoid the use of irritating skin care products (such as acids, exfoliants, high concentration of VC and A-alcohol, etc.) for one week;

④ Please wash your face with water close to the temperature of your skin and avoid excessive rubbing;

⑤ Pay attention to strict sun protection, sun protection is the foundation of anti-aging;

⑥ It takes some time for collagen to be newborn, 2-6 months after treatment, you will see more tightening changes;

Friends who have just finished lipofilling are recommended to have Thermage treatment after 3-6 months.

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