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How to use "early C and late A" correctly? What is the principle? Taboo of alcohol A

In the last two years, every morning and evening in the face brush containing vitamin C and vitamin A skin care products, so that "morning C night A" stimulation, so that the skin produced more redness, aggravated skin redness.

"C in the morning and A in the evening" does not mean drinking coffee in the morning and drinking at night, but a popular beauty method at present. That is, whitening with products that focus on vitamin C in the morning; In the evening, the main vitamin A product is used for anti-aging, and the combination of two kinds of vitamin gold can protect your skin well.

Fresh food is rich in vitamin C(VC), which can not only relieve blood diseases, but also delay aging and improve the photoaging problem of our skin.

Many cosmetic ingredients are also added with VC, but is the VC in cosmetics what we usually call VC? No!

There is a skin barrier formed by a sebum film on the outermost surface of the skin, but the general VC is water-soluble and difficult to be absorbed by the skin, and it can only be absorbed by the skin if it is transformed into fat-soluble VC.

Vitamin C in cosmetics is a fat-soluble levovitamin C, which can be absorbed after entering the skin. This is the basis for using vitamin C cosmetics to protect skin in the morning.

Vitamin A, on the other hand, is very effective in reversing skin diseases caused by aging skin. Prescription medications such as Tylenol (isotretinoin pills), Vitamin A capsules, and topical medications such as Adapalene and Tazarotene, used in hospitals for the treatment of acne, belong to the Vitamin A group of medications.

The commercialized vitamin A products are called "retinol", "retinaldehyde", and "retinoic acid". Retinoic acid products are photosensitive and should be avoided after topical application, including light and cell phone light, so it is best to use them at night before going to bed.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, and the outermost skin barrier has always protected the skin to be able to accept normal wind and sun exposure.

However, skin care products that contain potent properties like VC and VA-based products are irritating and should not be used blindly.

It is best to assess your skin and build up a tolerance before use.

If you have sensitive skin, you should choose carefully!

After all, skincare is not a one-day process.

How to correctly use "early C and late A" skin care to establish skin tolerance?

# Select low concentration

Whether it is retinol, retinoic acid or retinaldehyde, when it enters the skin, it will be converted into tretinoin, which will cause some irritation to the skin, and it has a certain photosensitive nature, so it is a good way to use a low concentration of the product at the beginning.

# Choose a low dose

It must be used as little as possible. We can use a toothpick dipped in a little bit of ointment and apply it to the face in one gentle stroke without rubbing it away. Or use a topical dabbing method, dabbing here and there without scratching it away and letting it gradually tolerate.

# Priming Moisturizing Method

Before using tretinoin , apply a good moisturizer to the face, a little thicker, then topical application of Vitamin A, followed by some moisturizing lotion are beneficial to build up the skin's tolerance to the "C in the morning and A in the evening" method.

# Use less cleaning products

Minimizing the use of cleansers and soaps during the "C in the morning, A in the evening" period allows our skin barrier to be more intact.

# Get a good sunscreen

This period must do a good job of sunscreen, itself "morning C evening A" on the skin has a certain stimulus, if the aggravation of ultraviolet rays, the stimulation of our skin will be more obvious. In addition to the use of sunscreen products sunscreen, we can also wear hats, sunglasses and other hard sunscreen-based.

# Low frequency full face application

Regarding A-alcohol, I think Asian skin is easily sensitive and we are more into skincare. So my personal opinion is that it is not recommended to use low concentration of A-alcohol every day. You can start with 0.1, but use it once a month or once every two weeks. Similar to acid brushing, going to the salon and brushing with a high concentration of acid once a month will reduce the likelihood of breakouts compared to using a low concentration salicylic acid face pack every day.

Often see some customers with a relatively low concentration of alcohol A every day, and then a period of time after the skin damage is very serious. But they still insist on using it. A alcohol is useful, but at present there is no clear clinical regulations on the use of good methods.

Personally, I think the frequency of use is low, improve skin tolerance and gradually increase. Giving the skin some recovery period and paying attention to moisturizing should be the main goal of daily care.

Topical medications of adapalene gel, hydroquinone cream, tacrolimus cream, pimecrolimus cream, azelaic acid gel, and Banshee's gel can be used in this way.

I often in the clinic, we introduced these creams just started to use the method: outside the application of good moisturizing lotion, the local use of cotton swabs or toothpicks dipped in a little ointment point in the lesions (acne, pigmentation spots, marks), with the hands of the ointment to press the cream open on enough, can not be rubbed open. At first, just use 1 time every night before going to bed, and then gradually over to twice a day.

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