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Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Laser treatment is a new, innovative method of fat removal. The fat-away laser reduces stubborn fat deposits on various parts of the body gently and quickly - without a scalpel or needles. Regular laser pulses loosen the fat from the tissue, allow it to be removed from the body and thus ensure lasting results.

The process is very similar to cryolipolysis, the removal of fat with the help of cold. Scientific studies have shown that fat cells cannot tolerate heat or cold and dissolve in the process. The fat-path laser uses this property by heating fat cells and thereby destroying them.


How does a treatment with the fat-away laser work?

Treatment with the fat-away laser is usually carried out in several sessions. Each session takes about 25-45 minutes, depending on the type of laser treatment and the size of the treated area.

At the beginning of the treatment, special applicators are placed on the skin. These rectangular, small plates emit laser pulses that penetrate the tissue and act on the fat cells. The SculpSure laser works by heating the fat cells to 42 ° C and then cooling them in a cycle of 30 seconds each. It thus represents the counterpart to cryolipolysis, in which the fat cells are cooled down to a very low temperature. The light from the iLipo laser works without the influence of temperature. During the laser treatment, the affected areas of the body may tingle, and slight changes in temperature can also be felt.

After the laser treatment, the patient is immediately fit for society again. The skin may be a little red, but no physical restrictions are to be expected. If the iLipo laser has been used for fat reduction, endurance training of 30-45 minutes is recommended.

Which criteria have to be met in order for a patient to be suitable for treatment with the fat-away laser?

Treatment with the fat-away laser is suitable for people who have stubborn fat deposits on different parts of the body. Above all, fat accumulations in the abdomen and back, but also the inner and outer sides of the thighs and upper arms can be treated well with the fat-away laser. It should be noted that the fat-away laser is by no means a method of weight loss if you are overweight. Only fat deposits that cannot be further reduced with exercise and diet should be treated with the laser. In general, most people are suitable for laser lipolysis. Only in exceptional cases are there criteria that can exclude a patient from treatment with the fat-away laser.

If you haven’t heard of Vanquish ME, it’s because it’s a fairly new treatment—it came out two years ago. Vanquish uses radio frequency energy to heat up and kill fat cells, and it does it without even touching your skin. Basically, this machine burns your fat cells and then, over the course of a few days, your lymphatic system gets rid of the cells—in other words, you pee them all out.

Ever since I learned the non-culinary definition for “muffin top” I’ve been preoccupied with my love handles. As far as I can remember, they have always been there, and they have been prominent. I haven’t bought real pants since probably about 2009, since it becomes a Sophie’s Choice between pants that fit my legs but make my muffin top protrude and make me suffocate, or pants that accommodate the muffin top but are MC Hammer pants in the legs portion. I live in leggings and jeggings, but more often skirts because they just don’t test the limits of conventional sizing and my self-esteem in the same way. It’s important to know yourself, you know?

And before you even ask, nothing so far in the past 26 years has made my love handles go away. I’ve lost and gained weight, reaching and losing a Weight Watchers lifetime membership a few times over in the process. I’ve spent hours in the gym lifting weights. Nothing so far has seemed to work. So when I found out that Vanquish targets whatever problem area of your body you choose without requiring you to go under the knife, or experience any pain or serious discomfort, and you already know which body part I was targeting.

While FDA approved, Vanquish ME is not a super common treatment, and there are only a few places in Boston that do it. REALR in Boston

Circle is one of them. It’s a brand-new facility that offers all types of luxury wellness treatments, like cryotherapy, infrared light therapy, vitamin IV drips, and more.

I stepped into REALR Boston and I was pretty nervous, because I hadn’t researched the Vanquish treatment too much—if I had, I would have gone into an anxiety spiral and talked myself out of trying it. Better to go into these things blind. Luckily the staff were incredibly nice, and there was a NP on site, and also a technician who had performed the procedure numerous times before. The facility itself was immaculate, very clean and calming.

The most important things to know before getting the Vanquish ME treatment are that you need to be well hydrated, and you can’t have any body jewelry on. It’s also not recommended that you be on your period because it can cause it to become heavier (which nobody wants, least of all me). Other that that, it’s pretty straightforward. Vanquish ME has been referred to as a “lunchtime” procedure, because you can pretty much just waltz in, get the procedure, and go straight back to work. There’s no down time or recovery required.

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